Advertising Materials for Tobacco products

Keep your neck toasty warm this winter with this great Salem scarf.

Get ready for Cold Weather with this great Advertising Piece from Salem Cigarettes, courtesy of R.J. Reynolds Corporation. Your neck will stay warm this winter with this Salem Scarf wrapped around it. The 'name' Salem is stitched in the fabric of the scarf in Yellow thread. The scarf is Green... if your display makes you wonder. This Salem Scarf will be yours for $9.50


Advertising by Holman's Tobacco Warehouse in Bowling Green, Kentucky... from the 1960's. Click below to see the sewing supplies enclosed inside.

Here we have a "true advertising piece" meant to remind the "lady of the house" as to where her husband was to take his tobacco for sale the next season. Inside this package, printed in the shape of tobacco leaves, are sewing needles that that "lady" would certainly need throughout the coming year.

This package measures: 3" across the width of a leaf and 6-1/4" in length.
Click HERE to see the contents of this piece.
Click HERE to see all the sewing needles displayed.

As these Queen Victoria "Gold Eyed" needles are collectable sewing supplies, that makes this a great 'cross-collectible' piece.

You can make this item YOURS for just $9.95

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