Vintage Tobacco Company/Brand Advertising Pieces

For many years, tobacco was the primary "Cash Crop" for many American farmers here in the Eastern USA. For some, it still is today! Tobacco, when researched, produces many surprising results. For example, tobacco is being used in many Cancer Research programs and there are high hopes for cures for some specific types of cancer through the use of this plant. The plant itself can be quite huge and is typically grown in large fields... and, tobacco is also grown by many as a flowering plant in their yard or flower garden... If you've never seen tobacco growing, the photo below is of a portion of a field, taken towards the middle or end of the growing season. That is indicated by the yellowing of the leaves. These plants often reach a height of over seven or eight feet!

Tobacco field nearing harvest time.
Tobacco field
Photo provided courtesy of
The Burley Tobacco
Growers Cooperative

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