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Payment for online purchases, auction items you bid on, or purchase (Buy It Now), should be paid for within Seven (7) days of the sale unless we've mutually agreed otherwise.   We know that occasionally life gets in the way of doing things you planned to do, but bidding and not paying creates confusion we'd rather not have to deal with.   If you have an emergency, PLEASE send us a SHORT email (or call us) and say so! We'll gladly wait for your payment if there is a real EMERGENCY.   If not, after Seven (7) days, the item will likely be relisted (or offered to the next highest bidder) and you will NOT receive any feedback: Positive, Neutral or Negative. We're only in business to do business, not to Give anybody "the business."

If you're looking at our items on eBay, check out our HIGH positive feedback and bid with confidence!


PAYPAL: The greatest benefit to YOU when you use PayPal is that you can SECURELY pay for your purchase with your Major Credit Card, with an eCheck or from YOUR personal PayPal account, if you have one. Also, as a buyer, PayPal protects YOU from anyone who would take advantage of you as a buyer online! If YOU are NOT aware of ALL the Protections offered to YOU by PayPal, please take a minute to visit HERE and learn about the Multiple Layers of Fraud Protection PayPal offers YOU as a buyer!

When you've paid with PayPal, we will receive a notification from them that you have paid for your item(s) and then your item(s) wil be shipped promptly. See our definition of Prompt Shipment below.   MEMBERSHIP IN PAY PAL IS NOT REQUIRED TO MAKE PAYEMNTS!!! If you are not a PayPal member and would like to be, CLICK HERE for a quick and FREE sign up session.

CHECKS: We definitely accept your checks! We deposit your check the same day we receive them (you get an email notifying you of this) and we watch for it to clear... online! Any checks that fail to credit at the bank ( Insufficient Funds or other reasons) costs us money and we will expect YOU to reimburse us for this. Failure to do so will get you some serious NEGATIVE feedback! The moment your GOOD check clears, your item is shipped and you get another email regarding this as well. As long as you provide us a valid eMail address, we'll do our best to keep you abreast of progress on this end; each step of the way. See our "Contact" page for our mailing address.

MONEY ORDERS: Processed almost the same as cash. Your item is shipped promptly on receipt and "successful" cashing of same. You will receive an eMail notifying you of the receipt of your money order and the shipment of your item. See our "Contact" page for our mailing address.

CREDIT CARDS: We gladly accept major Credit Cards via PayPal. When we're notified of your purchase, we eMail you to let you know we received your payment and when your item is on its way!

CASH:   We will definitely accept cash for your payments in person at our Storage Unit. It is NOT, however, the preferred way for you to pay through the mail but we will certainly accept United States Currency since it is the legal tender of our land. We assume NO LIABILITY for CASH lost in the mail. If you must send cash, Please do so ONLY by insured or certified mail... or you can just take your chances and send it un-insured. If you send it un-insured, please place it between a couple of layers of colored paper so it is not easily detectable when held up to a bright light! It is, after all, your money that you are risking. Your item will be shipped immediately upon receipt of your CASH. See our "Contact" page for our mailing address.


Our definition of "Prompt Shipment" is: When we have your Cash in hand, (or) your Check has cleared our bank, (or) we're notified of either a bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card payment from you, the item you purchased is cleared for shipment. Typically, we ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Through the Christmas holidays, however, we typically ship within 24 hours (except Sundays) after receipt of your payment!

All items of any measurable value are shiped INSURED for YOUR protection and OURS... or we'll track your item using Delivery Confirmation!   One or the other or both?   If you have a preferred shipper, let us know and we'll work with you to make that happen... just be aware that it may cost you extra to use YOUR preferred shipper!


We welcome bids from our International Shoppers and Bidders. If you are the winner of any of our auctions, please be prepared to pay in one of three ways. Either AlertPay, PayPal or a Money Order drawn on a United States Bank. If you are mailing a Money Order, please email us and let us know so your item will not be re-listed for non payment!

I charge you little to nothing to do all the Customs paperwork. I do an EXCELLENT job of packing (see my feedback) so your item WILL arrive as you see it in the photographs. I pack the item like I would expect it to be packed if I was buying it! So bid with the confidence, knowing all the time that you will get your item in one piece and you will get it in Excellent condition.

Please remember that I only take three methods of payment from International Bidders... AlertPay, PayPal or Money Orders drawn on US Banks.

And... IMPORTANT to International Bidders... Please make sure that you are not bidding on something that YOUR country prohibits ME from shipping to YOU! Neither of us need that grief! Thanks!


Please email us promptly at sales@TheCrazedCollector.com so we can resolve any problems immediately.

If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason we're unhappy too so simply return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. Please package the item as well as (or better than) we did when shipping it to you and return it to us with our Return Authorization Number marked clearly on the outside of the package.

Please contact us (at the email address above) for your Return Authorization Number.
Items returned without our Return Authorization Number Clearly Marked on the package will be REFUSED and returned to you, the buyer, at YOUR expense!

Just so we understand... PLEASE insure the package for at least the amount you paid for it and pay your own return postage.

Upon receipt of the item and finding it in "at least as good as" condition as when we shipped it to you, we will Cheerfully refund your "original bid (or) purchase amount." The original shipping fee you paid, went to the shipper, therefore... your original shipping fee is NOT refundable.

Refunds are made by a credit to your AlertPay or PayPal account, your credit card or we'll gladly send you a check if you did not pay by Credit Card, AlertPay or PayPal.

Last updated 06-23-2019

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