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2003 Washington, D.C. Commemorative Sheet

1973 Boston Tea Party Stamps in Block Format

Sterling Silver Proof: George Washington Stamp of 1847

Sylvester & Tweety Cartoon Stamps in Booklet Format

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Booklet Stamps

Plate Blocks

First Day Covers... COMING SOON

Worldwide Stamps

MINT Hong Kong 50 cent stamps from 1972
This is the Silver Wedding Issue from 1972 featuring Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip
between the Phoenix & the Dragon in partial sheet format and are Scott Catalog # 272.

10 MINT stamps from SINGAPORE
This is a partial sheet, promoting 'Prosperity through Quality and Reliability'.
These 15 Cent SINGAPORE stamps were issued February 25, 1973 and are Scott Catalog # 167.

10 MINT Phillipine stamps
This is a partial sheet, from the upper left corner, showing rice workers having their afternoon meal. 10 s stamps from the 1970's. The stamps are in sheet form with the color test shown on the gutter.

20 MINT Phillipine stamps
These are in a partial sheet showing Antonio Regidor on these "Overprinted" stamps that were re-issued November 24, 1971. These stamps were originally printed in 1966 as Scott # 944 and then "Overprinted" in 1971 as a 5s stamp as Scott #1111

10 MINT Phillipine stamps
Found here in a partial sheet showing native Philipinas making Christmas Lanterns on these 50s Phillipine stamps issued December 14th, 1972. Scott #1177

15 MINT Phillipine stamps
These are on a partial sheet, upper right corner, showing rice workers having their afternoon meal. 10s stamps from the 1970's. This stamp is Scott #1150

The Official Millennium Keepsake Set
This set celebrates the year 2000. It contains three commemorative stamps, including a unique holographic image. There's also a limited edition millennium medallion struck by the Royal Canadian Mint featuring the dove and Canada's maple leaf. There's also a postage paid postcard and a souvenir card inside. This is all packaged in a commemorative tin embossed with the year 2000 date and the dove of peace.

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