Four Past Republican Presidents

Our four recent Republican Presidents

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Framed print honoring four past Republican Presidents. George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon. Gold Signature of each below their image and beautiful seal at the bottom center of the item. Honoring the 1994 Senate-House Republican Dinner held at 1101 17th Street, N.W., Suite 808, Washington, D.C.

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Back of this item
Tag on the back of this item
Closeup of Nixon and his Signature
Closeup of Ford and his Signature
Closeup of Reagan and his Signature
Closeup of Bush and his Signature
Presidential Seal on the bottom-front.

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Framed print honoring four recent Republican Presidents

This item is: 8-5/8" tall x 17-1/4" wide 

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NOTE: The glass can be removed from the frame and packed separately so that if it breaks it will not harm the image.
You can re-assemble it (or have it re-assembled) when it arrives at YOUR location.
LET US KNOW if you want the glass removed or not, please!

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