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Remember the Troops
with our Patriotic Pin

$1.00 One FREE with any purchase.

Framed print honoring four recent Republican Presidents


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Nixon * Lodge
Bumper Sticker


Reception Invitation from the Republican Members of the 87th Congress

by the Republican State Committee for the District of Columbia, dated 4/13/1961.


The full printed address by Richard M. Nixon, Vice President of the United States...

accepting the Republican National Convention's nomination as candidate for the Presidency of the United States. Issued by the Republican National Committee, 1625 Eye Street NW, Washington 6, D.C. - Circa 1960


Framed Photograph of President Richard Nixon


More Nixon memorabilia HERE

Print version of the 1960 Republican Platform


1969 Annual Republican Dinner in Washington, D.C.


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Miscellaneous Political Postal Cards

Numerous (like new) Political Post Cards, mostly of Presidents and their families

$1.00 each

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Political postcards for sale.
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Oversized Political Postal Cards

Oversized and Miscellaneous Political Post Cards

Priced for quick sale.

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President Eisenhower collectable - Ike on Beveled Mirror

Beautiful collectable mirror dated January 20, 1953