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You are welcome to purchase one or all the items in our collection. With shipping costs being so much and since we're just a "mom & pop" site, we will sell you any of these in person at our Storage Unit in Frederick, Maryland.

All our listed items can be picked up at our Storage Unit's parking lot at 100 Storage Way, Frederick, Maryland 21701. See the map here.

Send us an email at: sales@thecrazedcollector.com for more information or send a TEXT to 301-788-3070 and we'll call you back.

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How to Display and Respect The Flag of the United States
Navy Recruiter's Brochure: How to Display & Respect THE FLAG of the USA
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$1.00 each

Serve your drink 'just right' in this silver plated cup. Removable thermometer in the side mounted holder readily available to check the temperature of your drink at any time. Solid 'beer barrel' looking holder at the top of the thermometer.
Silverplate drinking cup with thermometer
Fourteen button hooks for old shoes. Great Group of 14 Button Hooks for old shoes!
Yours for ONLY $0.50 each